I never believed in competition or judging, but I couldn't say no to the show: Super Singer judge Lopamudra Mitra

A powerful voice, perfect tone and a different style: they define Lopamudra Mitra , a singer who has already ruled a million hearts. He recently joined the panel of judges on a popular reality show ‘ Super singer ’. In a candid conversation, the singer, who lives and breathes music, poured out her heart.

“It is a great experience to meet these young talents. They are way ahead of what we were at their age. They are smart and know a variety of things. Not only the technical aspects, but in general ... they have a good knowledge of many things, compared to what we had at their age. They bravely try a song and perform it beautifully. And let me tell you, LIVE performance is not easy but they are working wonderfully. It is a learning experience for me. Every time I meet them, I learn something new, even though I'm here to judge them, ”he laughed as he shared.

Lopamudra started shooting for the show from Wednesday. She has been a part of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and another television show as a guest judge before. But this is the first time that he will be part of a regular panel of judges and considers it a learning experience.

“Personally, I never believed in competition. I don’t like to be judgemental. Rather, I believe in learning and exchange of thoughts. That enriches your soul. But I guess, I was destined to do this. The channel gave me so much of love and respect that I couldn’t say no. Every time I think of the elimination of the contestants, it aches my heart. I can’t see anyone leaving like that. But here, I am…,” she took a small pause and then added, “I consider my life as a lesson. Being a judge in Super singer might be a lesson for me too.”

When asked about his opinion, about the latest trend of remakes and recreation, Lopamudra He has shared that he is open to any type of experiment. “In my life, I have always been experimental. So I see no harm in experimenting with music. These young people are doing very well. And if you talk about criticism, then every experiment has faced such things. When I experimented with Rabindra Sangeet, many people did not like it. The same thing happened when I experimented with popular songs. I gladly accepted everything. What I have learned is that you must accept these changes, ”she said.

Being known for adding her own essence in the song, Lopamudra stressed on the fact that she has always appreciated ‘uniqueness’. I have always believed in uniqueness in a song. Do what define you, ”she added.

Speaking of the era started by Pratul Mukhopadhyay , Kabir Suman , Anjan Dutt and many others, Lopamudra said, “We have always been blessed to have someone among us who initiated the ripple… be it Kabir Suman, Anjan Dutt or others. Such thrust is a must because that’s how a new era begins. Some times that thrust could be- Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao too. These thrusts have always enriched our music. With these budding talents around us, I believe, there will be a ripple soon which will change everything and usher a new era yet again. ”