Krishnakoli: Thugs Kidnap Amrapali

The presence of 4 bad guys under one roof turned out to be a real challenge for Amrapali and Nikhil But their presence has certainly seasoned the history of Krsihnakoli.

In the last episode, Disha petitions Sujata be with her to take care of the baby.

Sujata says she can’t go to the temple. Rukmini offers to accompany Shyama (Amrapali in disguise). This leaves Amrapali worried. Initially, none of the family members agree to that but Rukmini tries to convince them.

Aolk talks about Shyama’s safety. Nikhil says she will be fine, this shocks Amrapali. She wonders why Nikhil isn't stopping her.

Afterward, Ashok talks to his father and Nikhil about selling the company, citing the loss. It seems he has almost convinced his father. Basanta . Nikhil is not yet ready to sell the factory.

On their way to the temple, Rukmini gets a call from Ashok. He asks her to follow the plan.

Ashok informs his men, who are waiting outside the temple, about Shyama’s arrival. Nikhil worries about Shyama while Sujata notices him. She worries about Shyama too.

Amrapali and Rukmini complete the puja. Rukmini asks her to wait, goes to a safe distance giving a scope to the goons. Following Ashok’s plan, goons attack Amrapali. But she beats them up, Rukmini looks at her and realises she can’t be Shyama.

But those goons overpower Amrapali, drags her inside the car and leave.