Ke Apon Ke By: Joba's mother Ratna is alive

Bengali television series Ke Apon Ke Por The story is taking a new turn with protagonist Joba unearthing a 35-year-old case. She wants to prove that her mother, Ratna, is innocent in the case, although Joba does not know if her mother is alive.

In the last episode, Joba reads the case file and learns everything. But she thinks that everything written in the case file is a lie.

She shares, according to the case file, her mother was shot and fell into the river. Her body was never recovered.

Bishan He also talks to his father about Joba and his mother Ratna. Pratap reveals everything about the case. Later, he also talks about joining politics. But reopening Ratna's case could affect his dream of becoming a politician.

Bishan says Joba might be fearless but she is protective about her family. Bishan informs Pratap about Kuhu and itu he says yes And you Joba is kidnapped and can no longer fight.

Meanwhile, Joba discovers some news related to her mother's case. She finds a local newspaper and also the name of the publisher, Pranabananda Mukherjee. Joba decides to speak to the editor and get more information.

During the discussion, Joba says, he feels that Ratna is alive. Param he wonders why Joba thinks that way.

On the other hand, in an asylum, Ratna can be seen inside the cell. He wakes up in the middle of the night and talks about his little girl Joba. Nurses address her as Kusum .