Ke Apon Ke Por: family members to support Joba in her mission

Ke Apon Ke Por star Joba has kept the audience glued to the television screen with her story. In the past 4 years, Joba has faced many enemies, and is now preparing for a new battle.

Joba wants to prove that his mother, Ratna, is innocent in a 35-year-old case. She seeks family support but fears for safety. Palak It reminds you of past incidents in which enemies have attacked the family. Joba is discouraged to hear these words.

Joy defends Joba and says that she has always made sacrifices for the family. Joba has never thought of herself. If she wants to do something for her mother's sake, it is her responsibility to support Joba.

Palak asks Joba to forget the past and move on. She talks about And you , who is pregnant and Kuhu, who is very young. Palak explains they can be the easy targets for the enemies.

Param he asks Joba to wait but she doesn't want to waste any more time since the enemies will manipulate the evidence. She wants to know if her mother is alive.

A certain Joba talks about leaving the house and continuing her fight. Leaves family members discouraged.

The story takes a new turn when Joba reveals that she can now remember that Pratap was the mastermind behind her mother's incident. She framed Ratna and instigated the crowd against her as well.

The family members are left shocked. They realize Joba’s mental condition and finally support her. Palak still isn't convinced.

Pratap tries to figure out how to handle Joba. Bishan talks to his father about the old incident related to Joba.

Surya Talk to Joba and discuss Ratna's case.