Team Rani Rashmoni in a festive mood, show to complete 1000 episodes

Drama period ' Rani Rashmoni ’Starring Ditipriya Roy in the title role, he has achieved yet another milestone. The show has completed 1,000 episodes. There will be a special episode on July 24, as the show will air its 1000th episode that day.

In the special episode of the show, the viewers will see how Shibananda Bramhachari contests Gadadhor's power. This leaves Rani Rashmoni angry. Gadadhor pleads to ma Bhabatarini asking her who will prove that he is her true devotee. Mathur steps forward to prove Shibananda wrong.

In fact, it's a joyous time for the entire cast and crew, who have been part of the show and have worked hard. Strong research, a good cast and meticulous details on set, costumes and other areas have managed to attract audiences. Not surprisingly, the show has scored well even after three years. His score is good on the TRP charts and he managed to dominate the number one position several times.

The cast includes, Diripriya, Gourab Chatterjee Diya Chakraborty Roshni Bhattacharyya , Sourav Saha, Nilotpal Banerjee and others. Actor Gazi Abdun Noor played the role of Ramchandra, while Suchandra Banerjee played Sukumari Dasi. Ditipriya, who has recently passed Higher Secondary examination, managed to play Rani Rashmoni’s role quite convincingly. No wonder, Ditipriya is heaped with praises by the audiences as well as industry insiders.

She, along with the other members of team ‘Rani Rashmoni’ are elated by the show’s success.