Krishnakoli: Ashok saves Radha and Rukmini

Neel Bhattacharya and Tiyasha Roy protagonist ‘ Krishnakoli Entertain the audience with an interesting story that has consecutive turns.

In the last episode, Nikhil forces Radha and Rukmini to reveal the truth and tell him who appointed them. At that very moment, Ashok He enters the room and asks Nikhil what is going on.

Nikhil says Radha lied to them. Rukmini and Radha never had any financial crisis nor have they lived on the streets.

Ashok handles the matter and says that the photos on social media, are old. He also tells, Radha wanted to be independent following Shyama’s ( Amrapali disguised) advice. She also told him about her interest in acting.

Radha sheds tears and tries to win sympathy.

Ashok requests Nikhil to forgive them, the latter does the same unwillingly but he warns them to speak up the truth.

As soon as others leave, Radha and Rukmini try to pressurize Ashok. But he seems to have become a good player by now. He threatens Radha and Rukmini to expose their past deeds if they go against him. Ashok, asks them to soon materialize his plan and find out whether the girl at their home sis Shyama.

Disha and your baby comes home. Family members are happy to have the baby with them.

Children are excited, too Basanta . Rukmini reminds Sujata about puja. But she isn’t ready to go out leaving the baby at home since Disha needs her help. Ashok suggests Shyama to visit the temple and offer puja. Rukmini supports the idea but she has a different plan in mind.