Krishnakoli: Nikhil and Amrapali catch Radha

Radha antagonists and Rukmini who once starred Shyama sleepless nights, they go back to business.

In the latest episode, Radha is still not at home while Rukmini tries to reach her over the phone. Alok inquires about the matter but Rukmini lies.

Nikhil shows Amrapali the social media page of Shyama. Her fans are excited about her comeback. Amrapali talks to him and tells him she can't sing Keertan. Nikhil boosts her confidence.

Rukmini says Radha went to an ashram but Alok doesn't believe her.

Amrapali notices someone outside the window and informs Nikhil.

Nikhil comes to Rukmini’s room and asks about Radha since it is quite late. Meanwhile, Radha comes back and changes her dress.

As Nikhil is busy speaking with Rukmini, she comes back in a completely different avatar.

Nikhil notices her make-up and asks her why she is all decked up for a visit to the ashram. Rukmini feigns innocence and questions her daughter to speak up the truth. Radha cooks up a story but Nikhil doesn't believe her.

Things go out of hand when Amrapali (dressed as Shyama) says Radha is lying.

Amrapali shows a photo on social media which proves that Radha went for an audition. The mother and daughter duo don't know how to handle the situation, when Nikhil cross-questions them.

Shyama shows a few more photos from social media, which prove that Radha- Rukmini might not have been living on the streets the way they had claimed. Nikhil asks what they were doing prior to coming to the house, whether they really had serious financial issues.

Ashok, who is passing by the room, overhears this. Nikhil asks Radha and Rukmini whether someone sent them.