I was touched by meeting a nurse who tirelessly treats patients who leave their 7-month-old baby at home: Srabanti Chatterjee, host of ‘SuperStar Paribaarar

Bengali actress Srabanti Chatterjee is back with his game show ‘ SuperStar Paribaar ’. The show is set to air fresh episodes soon. Before that, the ever-charming actress opened up to honest media interaction. From shooting amidst the crown scare, keeping up to date with the new normal and her experience of meeting some brave hearts as participants in her show, Srabanti poured out her heart.

After several months, I am back in the shooting floor . It made me very happy. This is what I love to do. I have never had such a long gap. We are shooting following all precautionary measures. The first day of filming, once I put on my makeup, I danced for a while in the room just for joy. I was so happy to look at the camera that I couldn't control my laugh. I giggled on set and my director asked me what was going on, ”he laughed out loud as he shared.

Srabanti shared that she was nervous about going out and attending to shoot amid the pandemic. But her passion overcame worries.

“I was nervous before resuming filming. We have several positive cases in the residential complex where we live. Fortunately, everyone recovered. We have been maintaining all necessary sanitation steps at the complex. On the first day of filming, I saw how the crew is working hard to maintain all precautionary measures. The day before filming, the team sent me the video to show how the makeup room has been disinfected. I prepared myself before leaving and my husband Roshan helped me a lot. Keeping pace with the new normal, I'm wearing masks, washing my hands at regular intervals, disinfecting the car and my suitcases as well. ”

Srabanti shared how a number of things have changed on the shooting floor , “A lot of things have changed. We are shooting with a limited number of people on the set. Earlier, there was no podium and I used to utilise the entire space while hosting the show. But now, we have a podium and I stand there. We are maintaining social distancing norms while shooting. Earlier, the entire family of the participants used to gather to receive the gifts, but now, one of them come up to receive the same.”

The game show, in which Srabanti is the captain of the ship, will have some changes to the format. On the first day after the shutdown, the show will welcome none other than Dev along with a few frontline fighters who have been working tirelessly amid the pandemic to keep other citizens safe.

Speaking about Dev, who is her good friend, the actress said, “I didn't know Dev would be on SuperStar Paribaar even the day before the shoot. The moment, I learnt I was really happy. He is a very good friend. He never misses a single chance to pull my leg and he did the same off-camera too, ”she burst into laughter while sharing.

Srabanti was touched to meet the brave hearts who have been diligently assuming their duties to keep others safe during the pandemic.

She said: I met some of the frontline warriors , who have been working tirelessly risking their lives just to keep us safe during the outbreak. There was a traffic officer, a nurse, and many others who shared their experience with me. It was a great experience.

Speaking about one of those warriors, Srabanti spoke about Sonali, who works as a nurse in Beleghata ID hospital. “Sonali has been treating patients amid the pandemic. She has a 7-month-old baby at home and continued her duty diligently. I was really moved to meet her. I am also a mother and can understand how it feels to leave your baby at home especially, during this critical situation. Every day, Sonali’s husband drops her on his bike to a certain place from where she avails a bus meant for the frontline warriors . Hats off to Sonali, her family and all other frontline warriors !” Srabanti said.

When asked about the 2-day blockade, Srabanti shared that the shooting will not take place during those days. “We have been diligently following the rules and will continue to do so. There will be no filming on those days. So far, I have filmed for 4 days and have managed to complete 3 episodes per day. We have been working hard but I love it, ”he said before closing the session.