Ke Apon Ke By: Joba Faces Bullies

From fighting deadly criminals to defusing bombs, Joba has done almost everything. Now, our rude bahu is determined to unearth a 35-year-old case involving his mother and prove him innocent.

With such an intention, she is in Bohuria village. Joba and Surya are stopped by some people on their way home. They realize, these men are here to threaten them. Surya asks Joba to stay inside the car while the latter wants to face them.

At home, Param and his family members worried about Joba and Surya. They fear, Bishan and his dad might harm the duo.

Palak interrogates Bishan's mother Shrabani but the latter claims to be innocent. Shrabani says she is here to warn the family since Pratap is not a good man. The family members get worried. Param is grateful to Shrabani who came all the way just to inform them about Bishan and his dad.

Param repeatedly calls up Joba. But she disconnects the call and faces the goons. One of the goons threatens them, but Joba is too determined. They speak ill about Ratna .

Joba says her mom was innocent. Someone else stole the baby and framed her mom. She realises Pratap is behind this and that’s why he has sent some goons. Joba tells the goons to inform their boss Pratap that she will fight until she proves her mom innocent.

The family members worry and decide to contact police. But right then, Joba and Surya come back.

Sarthak says Shrabani came and told her about Bishan’s dad. Joba says he sent some goons to stop them. Joba informs the family members about their experience in the village.