Trinayani: Aniket claims to be innocent; provides evidence

A new twist on events is making Trinayani's story quite interesting. At the Sanyal mansion, Madhuri cries profusely as she recalls the recent incidents. Koli he meets her along with Nayan . Madhuri is nervous.

She begins to behave strangely and talks about her suspicions about Aniket. She thinks her husband is responsible for Korak Accident and he is behind Suhasini Devi's disappearance too.

She wants Aniket to be punished if he is involved in the crime. Nayan asks her about Aniket’s watch. Earlier, she saw a watch in her vision and found one from the crime scene too.

Madhuri talks about Aniket's fetish for expensive watches.

Nayan meets Nilima in the hospital. Nilima says Korak is in a critical condition. This Nayan, Dripta and inspector Tarun shocked since Korak had only broken his leg in the accident. They wonder how Korak’s condition turned this critical.

Nayan notices Aniket’s wrist and asks him about the watch, which he isn’t wearing today. To everyone’s surprise, Aniket brings the watch out of his pocket. He claims he was in the club and the CCTV footage can prove it.

Nilima, Aniruddha and Aniket come back home. Things get murkier when family members start pointing fingers at each other. Aniket’s behavior leaves Aniruddha heart-broken. When Nilima shows suspicion, Aniruddha gets devastated. Koli listens to the conversation secretly.

Nayan has yet another vision regarding Suhasini Devi and asks Tarun to find out whether there is any pond nearby. Tarun informs her about a tannery and a pond near the hospital. He also says Aniket was in the club last night.