Actress Anashua Majumdar opts for three television shows

Actress Anashua Majumdar who was part of three mega series before emergency shutdown , has chosen to leave each program since she herself does not want to leave her home in this crisis. The decision was made after a long conversation with the producers.

“Since older people are at increased risk of contracting the virus, it only makes sense not to venture out. Whether it's grocery shopping, banking, or other requirements, I'm trying to do everything online as people my age are more likely to be affected by the virus. So when the producers contacted me to find out the dates, I told them that maybe it was not the right time to join the work and they respected my decision. I plan to resume work later this year as I hope things will be better by then, the actress said.

Do you feel bad when you see your character played by other actors in the series now? “Not at all, since this is a decision I made consciously. And I must say that the actors who play my characters are doing a good job. I generally don't like to watch series or movies that I've acted in because I find too many flaws in my work, Anashua said.