Durga Durgeshwari goes off the air

A number of Bengali television series are off the air these days. ‘ Durga Durgeshwari ’It came to an end before completing a year.

It was an emotional moment for Addri Addy Roy , Ravi Shaw as well as other artists they had recently joined the cast of ‘Durga Durgeshwari’.

The television series recently introduced some major changes to the story. There was a time jump after which Ravi and Adrija joined the cast. The show which is said to be a sequel to the hit mega series Durga which featured Sandipta Sen , Gourab Chatterjee , Payel De and many others.

Ga Durga Durgeshwari ’featured Sampurnaa Mandal (as Dugga) and Bishwarup Bandyopadhyay (playing Omkar) in the lead roles initially. After the shutdown, the creators wanted to add a few changes, after which Omkar and Dugga were no longer part of the show (aside from the flashbacks) and the story progressed with their daughter Devi.

Since the past few days, rumors have abounded that the show could go off the air alongside some other Bengali television series. although the manufacturers were tight-lipped all this time.

Sources suggest, the channel wasn’t happy with the ratings of ‘Durga Durgeshwari’ which set a high expectation since ‘Durga’ was a mega hit.