Trinayani: Anilabha's revelation leaves Nayan shocked

Trinayani is offering a high-paced suspense story to the audience these days. With the rising rate of suspense elements in the story, the show is certainly gearing up for a new twist.

In the last episode, Nayan has a vision, in which he realizes, Moumita being attacked by a man trying to make the murder look like suicide.

In a dramatic turn of events, Nayan informs the inspector Tarun , who starts a thorough search in all the hotels situated in the said locality and finds out where Moumita is staying.

They find out Moumita lying on the floor just like Nayan saw in her vision while the culprit has run away. She is taken to a hospital in a critical state.

On the other hand, Korak meets with an accident and taken to a hospital. Tarun thinks he was attacked by someone.

Aniruddha asks Korak to transfer to another hospital but he isn't ready.

Nayan notices, Korak is afraid of something. She also thinks Anilabha knows something which he is trying to hide. After much pursuance, Anilabha reveals Korak was afraid of his dad because, he thinks Aniruddha is responsible for Suhasini Missing.

This leaves everyone shocked.

Nayan asks Tarun to arrange police protection for Moumita and Korak.

On the other hand, Madhuri thinks Aniket is responsible for Korak’s accident. Aniket denies the charges. Soon, all the family members turn against each other and start thinking the other person is the killer. It creates a huge chaos.

Seeing all this, Koli decides to meet Nayan.

On the other hand, Nayan gets a call and learns that there was a murder attempt on Moumita . Police had shot the intruder leaving him injured.

Koli meets Nayan. She talks that Anilabha isn’t related to Suhasini Devi’s case. He went outside on the day of incident to help Koli deal with the man who was blackmailing her.