Ke Apon Ke By: Joba to reopen Ratna's case

Frequent turns in history have always been the key to success for Ke Apon Ke Por , running since 2016. The creators are introducing turns after turns to make the episodes interesting.

After sending Bishan to police custody, Joba She is determined to unearth a 35-year-old case related to her life and take the audience on a new journey.

Joba decides to find out what happened to her mom Ratna a few decades ago.

Family members aren't ready to let Joba go, especially because Pratap lives in the same village but Joba convinces them. Surya accompanies her to Bahuria village, where Joba used to live with her parents.

When he arrives at the scene and talks about his mother, the villagers speak ill of Ratna, accused of stealing babies.

Later, Joba goes to the local police officer. The duty officer doesn’t know about the case but a constable (Mr. Chowdhury) says he was posted at their police station then. Joba starts asking questions related to Ratna’s case leaving Mr. Chowdhury uncomfortable. He leaves the place when Joba and Surya start reading the old case file.

In the police station, Joba talks about reopening Ratna’s case.

Meanwhile, Pratap talks about power and ways to earn money. I used to steal babies from the hospital where Ratna used to work. None could catch him due to lack of evidence. Pratap says he has bribed anyone other than Ratna.

In the flashback, it is shown how Ratna saw two men stealing a baby 35 years ago. She tried to save the baby but Pratap framed her in the case. Ratna was taken to police custody heavily injured after being lynched by local people. Ratna was later killed by the officer, following Pratap's instruction. As they are busy in a discussion, constable Chowdhury meets Pratap and informs him about Joba's decision to reopen the case.