The blockade will not be significant if we do not act responsibly: Ushasi Ray and Priya Mondal

The West Bengal government has announced emergency shutdown for two days every week seeing the rapid increase in COVID-19 positive cases According to experts, community transmission has already started in the state. In view of this, the decision was made at a high-level meeting chaired by the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee , Secretary of state Alapan Bandyopadhyay he said as he addressed the media on Monday.

This week, complete emergency shutdown will be maintained on Thursday and Saturday.

While many have welcomed the decision, a few have raised questions regarding emergency shutdown for only those days. ETimes TV spoke with two very popular actresses on this matter and both Lightning Ushasi and Priya Mondal highlighted some points rather than calling the decision of emergency shutdown ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Here’s what they have to say…

“Let’s face it, we are not acting responsibly. The mask, hangs on almost everywhere other than where it should be. People are unnecessarily going out here and there. The two-day emergency shutdown will at least restrict such unnecessary movements,” Priya said.

Ushasi, who plays Dr. Kadambini Ganguly The recently released character from the period drama Kadambini also has a similar opinion. We are not taking the situation seriously. We do not wear a mask to protect ourselves, rather we think that it will not affect us. Now that community broadcasting has started, we must be even more cautious. ” The actress cited numerous examples in which people can be seen in the streets, markets and other places without wearing a mask or without obeying the rules of social distancing.

“We don’t know what can help us to stop the outbreak. All we can do is, take precautionary measure. Lockdown can at least ensure no mass gathering, even for two days. If that saves one life, curb the rate of transmission even by a fraction, then that’s it!” Priya explained. But there is yet another point, Ushasi highlighted, without which, emergency shutdown has no meaning according to her.

“The emergency shutdown won’t be meaningful if we don’t act responsibly! We can’t forget our responsibility as a citizen. It is my duty to ensure the safety of my family. And it is equally my responsibility to ensure the safety of the person next to me. We can’t put the mask around the neck, disobey social distancing norms and then blame others for the outbreak,” Ushasi said in a very firm voice.

Priya, who is busy with the shooting of ‘ Sanjher Baati ’, said, “If we don’t act responsibly, then none can save us. I drive my car to the shooting set, sanitize my bags as soon as I reach home. I do the same as soon as I reach the shooting set. I can’t put someone at risk just by acting irresponsibly. Speaking about the effect due to such emergency shutdown for two-days a week, I don’t think it will cause havoc in terms of money since we are working rest of the days. As an actor, I also earn on a per day basis and don’t have huge savings. But I still think, it won’t affect us much if we start acting responsibly now.”

Madhya Pradesh has also announced a similar pattern for emergency shutdown to curb the rate of transmission. MP has also registered a few cases of community transmission in a number of districts. And just like, West Bengal, they will also maintain a strict emergency shutdown for two days, including one Sunday.

“There are simple rules. Taking up precautionary cautious like wearing masks, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing norms and boosting our immunity power, can help us fight against the deadly virus. All these things are being told time and again. But we are still not taking it seriously. Two-day emergency shutdown will be successful if we follow all the precautionary measures on the rest of the days as well. But the questions remain, shall we?” asked Ushasi before logging out.