Sreemoyee to face a new challenge

Indrani Halder and Tota Roy Choudhury The television show Sreemoyee has successfully glued the audience to the television screen. Every time our rude bahu becomes director of a Sreemoyee nonprofit organization solves a problem in his life, a new one arises. Keeping tradition alive, soon after solving his youngest daughter Dithi's problem, a new problem is waiting for him on the way. And the mastermind behind this conspiracy is none other than June aunt (actress Ushasie Chakraboty) herself.

She files a complaint against Sreemoyee at the local police station alleging that the latter handles a human trafficking scam. The Sreemoyee Banglar Mukh company sells young girls to other countries in exchange for money. Not only that, June also brings some witnesses who support her statement. June leaves no stones unturned to malign Sreemoyee.

Unaware of all these drama, Sreemoyee is rather busy with her life and responsibility of the non-profit organisation. She gets shocked when police interrogates her. Rohit Sen (Tota), who is the founder of the organization encourages Sreemoyee to stay strong and prove herself innocent. A determined Sreemoyee, with the help of Rohit, will now find out evidence in support.

With such a story ahead, the show will surely have a twist in the upcoming episodes. The show is not seen in the first three races on the TRP charts these days. It will be interesting to see how the new twist helps the show score on the TRP charts in the coming weeks.