Ke Apon Ke By: Joba collects evidence to fight for Ratna

Ke Apon Ke Por's story will take a whole new turn with protagonist Joba and her willingness to fight for her mother. In the last episode, Joba reads the files related to the case of her mother Ratna. She becomes emotional as she recalls old memories with her parents. Joba feels bad for her mother, who was an honest person and never compromised on her ethics. But Ratna It was framed for a crime that I had never committed.

Surya asks him to hurry up and finish his job as soon as possible. They collect some evidence to reopen the case. Koel calls Surya but he disconnects the same. He continues to take pictures of the documents for further procedures to reopen the case.

The police officer arrives and Joba pressures him to give them a photocopy of the documents.

Pratap calls the police officer and orders him not to help Joba. But the officer denies adding that Joba is powerful.

Joba’s family members worry for her and Surya. Bishan’s mom visit Param’s place. The family members don’t like her presence since Bishan it wreaked havoc on them.

Shrabani claims to be innocent and says Bishan told her about seeing Joba at Bohuria village. This leaves Param and his family in utter shock as they fear Bishan might harm Joba.