Krishnakoli: Disha and Ashok become parents

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Amrapali and Nikhil visit Monoroma and Nirmal . Shrabani keeps an eye at Amrapali’s home but Nikhil fools her.

Disha undergoes labour pain and is rushed to the hospital. The family members rush to the hospital while Alok informs Nikhil about Disha.

Meanwhile, at Chowdhury mansion, Rukmini searches Amrapali ’s room and finds a make-up box. She gets suspicious since Shyama doesn’t use make-up. Rukmini also finds out some dark colour and thinks whether Shyama's look-alike ( Amrapali ) uses the same to look like her. Shyama had a dark complexion. Basanta finds Rukmini in the room and questions her. He notices the make-up pouch and realises Rukmini had opened it.

Disha gives birth to a baby girl. Sujata meets the mom and the baby and becomes happy.

Then, Ashok talks to Disha. He suddenly becomes guilt conscious after seeing the baby. Disha manipulates him and says they need more money for their baby. She asks him to sell the factory, take the money and leave.

Nikhil and Amrapali hear this and ask where they are going. Ashok lies again.

Meanwhile, Rukmini reports Ashok that his doubt was right. The lady living with them might not be Shyama but her look-alike.