Krishnakoli: Rukmini tries to gain Nikhil's trust

Bengali television show Krishnakoli has been dominating the PRT charts for the past few weeks. First it was Ashok-Disha now, the story has a mother and daughter duo: Radha and Rukmini to bring the story to life with your presence.

In the last episode of Krishnakoli, the family members return from the hospital. They are in a good mood after meeting Disha and the newborn baby.

Sujata and Nikhil discuss the recent situation in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak. They also talk about precautionary measures.

Hinting at Rukmini, Alok talks about handling other types of viruses. It leaves Rukmini angry but she controls her temper. Sujata asks Alok to forget the past and start afresh with Rukmini. The family members talk about the baby and tease Ashok.

Later, Rukmini talks about the make-up box in Shyama ’S (Amrapali in disguise) cupboard and what she had found in the pouch. Rukmini says that that’s why Nikhil might not have allowed her to wash the make-up the other day. Ashok is eager to expose the truth.

They also hatch a new plan.

On the other hand, Amrapali comes home and feels that someone entered the room. When they talk to Bijli , the latter reveals that Rukmini came into the room.

Nikhil decides to talk to Rukmini regarding the matter. To his surprise, Rukmini meets him with some other agenda. She confesses entering the room with the intention of stealing money.

Rukmini sheds tears to win Nikhil’s confidence. He gives her money and assures help. But Nikhil knows, Rukmini had some other agenda behind entering their room. He thinks, Rukmini wanted to spy on Amrapali.