TV actress Simron Upadhyay is tense about her upcoming honor exams

Actress Simron Upadhyay , who plays Koyel in the daily mega series Ke Apon Ke Por , he is a little worried now. Reason? The young actress is a third-year English honors student and should have graduated by now. But the ongoing fight between the University Grants Commission (UGC) and state universities over the final year exams of the graduation the students have left her quite tense, like thousands of other students her age. Simron said: “I should have graduated by now, but due to this pandemic, my third-year exams were delayed. Originally, my exams were scheduled for the first week of April, but due to closing in late March, they were indefinitely delayed. Then, in June, the news came out that we will all graduate without having to sit for our final exams and 80% of grades would be awarded based on the best aggregate from one of the last two years, with 20% internal grades. We as students are relieved to hear this, but again after two weeks, we hear that we may have to take our exams to graduate. This stress is killing me and I am very confused. Like me, thousands of students suffer from a large number of mental pressure .”

Simron has been a part of the cast of Ke Apon Ke Por for two years now and she is the youngest on the set. So, naturally being pampered and also being teased is part of her everyday shooting schedule. But due to the restrictions and norms of social distancing That has to stay on set now, the friendly pranks and addictions to the makeup room have stopped. “Being part of such a popular series is really a lifetime opportunity for me. I relate very well to each and every member of the cast. We are all like one big happy family. And I'm definitely the most pampered on set. And also the Koyel character has helped me improve my acting skills. The character continues to evolve and faces different challenges. So it also helps me evolve as an actor, ”Simron shared.

Speaking of conforming to the new normal on set and using a mask for long hours, the actress added, “It’s so difficult to breathe if I keep wearing the mask for long hours. Also, with makeup on, if I wear the mask , I need to touch up before I face the camera every time. If we have to shoot for over 10 hours, feel breathless because of the continuous use of a mask . I have my own makeup set and do my own makeup daily. Being able to do my own makeup is something that the lockdown has taught me. I also carry my own dresses as I wear western outfits in the serial. Once shoot gets over, I carry the costumes back home and wash it regularly. And I must say, our production house is also taking a lot of precautions on the set.”