Trinayani: Koli reveals some family secrets

Suhasini Devi's complicated family and their tangled relationship have spiced up Trinayani's latest song. Meanwhile, Koli finds herself Nayan and talk to her about her family.

She confesses that Suhasini Devi loved Korak over her. She used to call him as Chunilal. Koli says Korak was devastated when Suhasini Devi went missing all of a sudden.

Nayan digs up the matter and asks some other questions to Koli. She reveals that the culprits asked for ransom. The family members were divided on paying the ransom. Korak was the one who wanted to save Suhasini Devi at any cost and defended the decision of paying the money to the culprits.

During the argument with Aniruddha, Korak even suggested dividing the property and demanded his portion to pay the ransom if needed.

Finally, Aniruddha gave the money and Korak was the one to meet the kidnappers along with the money. When none showed up, Korak came back with the money and returned it to Aniruddha.

But he was upset with his father and did not join the family business.

When Dripta says someone is responsible for Korak ’s accident. Koli becomes seems nervous. Nayan also asks whether all men were at home last night. Koli recalls how Madhuri reacted and blamed Aniket for Korak ’s accident.

Koli tells everything about Aniket -Madhuri and that Suhasini Devi never liked them. Suddenly, Anilabha comes and speaks on behalf of his brother. He also asks Nayan to take Korak seriously. Nayan and Dripta discuss whether Anilabha is the way he appears to be.

Nayan meets Moumita in the hospital and notices the window using which the intruder came inside the cabin. Nayan tries to figure out who might climb up the window which is quite high to reach for any average person.