Ditipriya Roy celebrates the results of the meeting with parents and pets at home

This year's board exam passes have had no-frills celebrations after securing brands . Although we're technically in the Unlock2 phase, the Covid-19 scare, which exists even after strict locks, has everyone worried about venturing into a restaurant. The same for the actress Ditipriya Roy .

“It was a great celebration with my parents, my older sister and my dog, Popcorn. My mother had cooked prawns the day before, so we ate that. We didn't do much because he had shot me today. I love pav bhaji, so we asked for that. I only ate a lot of that as part of the celebration. Going to a restaurant is not possible now, so we had to make do with what was available at home and nearby. Me birthday It is approaching so we have left some celebration plans for that day. I received many congratulatory calls from family and friends. Everyone is happy with my result, ”said an excited Ditipriya.

His enthusiasm is not unnecessary since he achieved a good 82.4% in Higher Secondary even after one of his six exams was canceled due to pandemic and she had been shooting when other students had more time to prepare. I would like to say one thing to everyone. People think we got good grades without showing up on all the tests. There is a buzz around this. But only one of my exams, the last one, was canceled. And anyway we have the best of five songs ”, he shared.

When asked if she studied hard to achieve this result, Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni’s popular lead said that she mostly pulled all-nighters before exam days. “Though this time for boards I studied a little more than usual, I am among those who study hard only the night before the exam. My friends and I have all got similar brands this time and we are all happy about it,” Ditipriya said.