Ke Apon Ke By: Koel and Surya have emotional moments

There is no doubt that the old revenge saga adds an extra edge to the story that any other plot can. Well, with this in mind, the creators of Ke Apon Ke Por they are bringing the last turn. The story now centers on an incident that took place 35 years ago and involved Joba It is the mother and Pratap ( Bishan Pope)

In the last episode, Koel is still upset by recent incidents in his life. She talks about it during a conversation with Surya .

On the other hand, Bishan creates a ruckus at the police station. He isn’t ready to go inside the lock-up. His dad Pratap also tries to show his power in front of the police officer. Bishan asks his dad to bribe the cop which leaves the police officer angry. The officer warns Bishan citing his heinous crimes. He says Joba is a respectable individual and she has slammed some serious charges against him. Moreover, Surya whom he had abducted, is a well-known lawyer too. Both Surya and Koel have spoken against Bishan.

Koel is still traumatized. Her parents find her in a disturbed state of mind. They try to pacify her. Surya comes and the lovebirds speak with each other.

Bishan continues to throw tantrums in the police station. Suddenly, Bishan asks Pratap what was Joba saying regarding the past. It makes Pratap nervous and he wonders how Joba could know that he was the one behind lynching Ratna .

Surya and Koel spend some emotional moments. They talk about the past few hours and how it changed their lives.

Meanwhile, Pratap somehow manages to convince him to stay inside the lock-up at least for the night.