TRP chart: Mohor shares the number one spot with Krishnakoli

This week's TRP chart has some interesting changes. Shyama-Nikhil The story continues to attract audiences. The show featuring Neel Bhattacharya and Lightning Tiyasha has secured the numero uno position on the TRP charts this week, too. Sona Moni Saha and Pratik sen The protagonist Mohor also shares the first place. This is the first time that the program has managed to fill the position.

Both the shows narrate the struggle of women and are featuring some high voltage drama these days. While in ‘Krishnakoli’, the story revolves around Nikhil and his plan to unmask the perpetrators with the help of Shyama’s lookalike Amrapali. Strong and determined Mohor, on the other hand, has managed to strike a chord with the audience.

‘Ke Apon Ke Por’, which has been running successfully from the past four years, is giving some tough competition to other daily soaps. New twists in the storyline, crisp narration and Joba-Param’s determination to protect the family, helped the show enjoy huge popularity. The makers have been introducing a touch of thriller suspense, with the entry of psychopath Bishan, who is a cold-blooded murderer. The forceful marriage between Bishan and Koel, followed by some high voltage drama has helped the show to bag the second spot on the TRP charts.

‘Sanjher Baati’ has taken third place this week. Arya-Charu's story is taking a new turn. Arya is determined to discover her best Charu half, while she is ready to make a serious sacrifice for her well-being.

Period drama Rani Rashmoni has dropped to fourth place this week. ‘ Sreemoyee On the other hand, he has managed to secure fifth place this week.

Starring Kadambini Lightning Ushasi and Manoj Ojha has started its journey with good numbers, too.