Ankit Majumder to Aranya Roy Chowdhury: Little Stars to Appear in Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8

Bengali television is one of the most popular shows Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8, presented by Sourav Ganguly is slated to air a fun episode soon. The nonfiction show will air a new episode featuring some very popular children's artists who can give any other lead actor stiff competition in terms of popularity. This special episode was filmed before closing. Currently, artist children under the age of 10 are not allowed on film sets in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Additionally, the shooting is on hold since Sourav and his family are isolated after older brother Snehasish tested positive for COVID-19.

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Children's artist Ankit Majumder , who played Netaji Childhood on the popular life-based show Subhash Chandra Bose will be seen in this special episode alongside Aranya Roy Chowdhury , Smriti Singh and others. Aranya made the audience fall in love with Loknath's childhood. Smriti, on the other hand, portrayed Chhaya in the family drama Alo Chhaya.

Aranya, who used to keep the shooting set of ‘ Joy Baba Loknath With a lot of energy with his naughty activities and constant conversation, he shared some secrets with Dada. Host Sourav and others on the floor laughed when Aranya shared that she does the complete opposite of what she was told. Aranya does not like studying and plays mainly when asked to do homework. Dada invited Aranya to play with him and also had a gala. Smriti and Ankit also chatted with Dad and shared what they love to do.