My pet, Pussu, has been the best companion during the running of the bulls: Neel Bhattacharya

Actor Neel Bhattacharya it's a doting feline owner and his pet cat pussu has been his constant companion in recent months “I love Pussu as my own baby. We've been together for the past 10 years, but the past few months have been truly special. The cat is an important member of my family. And during closing, when most of us were going through a hard time Pussu has been a true stress buster for me. I used to play with my pet cat every day, watch TV together and what not! I think if you have a pet in your house, you will never notice how time goes by, said Neel.

During the lockdown, Neel, along with his neighborhood friends, used to feed the stray dogs in his locality as well. Even now, when the lockdown has been relaxed, Neel makes sure to feed the strays at night after his shoots get over. “During the lockdown, when all the eateries were shut and no one was coming out of their homes to feed the stray dogs and cats, I felt really sad to see the helpless animals go hunger day and night. So, I requested my friends and together, we feed the stray every day. It was a moment of satisfaction for me to see them eat in peace. If you show a little care and concern towards the lost, they will return so much love and affection, shared the actor.