Ke Apon Ke By: Bishan plays another game to beat Joba

The confrontation between the protagonist Joba and his last enemy Bishan It is taking a new shape. Psychopath Bishan is clever and fast. He seems to be determined to beat Joba at any cost.

Param, Joba and Anu reach Nitai Sanyal’s house. They try to find out in which place Surya might have been kept by Bishan. There are many houses in the locality. Anu, Joba and Param try to figure out the house. Joba logically tries to narrow down her search.

Meanwhile, at Param's house, Koel ’S room is being decorated. Bishan gets happy seeing all the arrangements. He instructs the man who is decorating the place to make the room look special. Palak comes and tries to win his confidence. In reality, Palak is aware of Joba's plan but continues to pretend as if she is with Bishan.

Joba and Param try their best to find out the place where Surya might have been kept. Joba tries to figure out the similarity with the houses in that particular locality with what she saw in the video shot by Bishan. Anu asks Joba to hurry up as daylight will no longer be available as it's getting late.

Bishan gets curious about Joba -Param’s absence in the house. Palak tries to give some explanation but fails to win Bishan's confidence.

At Param’s residence, Bishan reveals that he has transferred Surya to a different place.

The drama goes to notch higher, as Anu repeatedly bangs on the door hoping Surya will be inside but none replies.