Ke Apon Ke Por: Double problem in the Sengupta family

With a new song related to the protagonist Joba's past, ‘ Ke Apon Ke Po ’He's ready for an interesting turn. Now, there are two villains in the story!

In the last episode, Bishan continues to emphasize that Koel you must follow their instructions. He says, this is the only way, Surya I will be back. Param loses his calm listening to his words.

When Joba objects, Bishan openly challenges her. Bishan says, he won’t kill Surya and he will be released only after the ‘Phulsajya’ is done. I have humiliated Joba calling her mere a househelp.

Rinki joins others in the living room. Palak gets curious seeing Rinki come out of the backside since Bishan also came from that side earlier. On query, Rinki says, Bihan was talking about visiting the garden area.

Bishan receives a call from his father, who is heading to Param's house.

Family members wonder how to prevent Bishan from realizing his plan.

When Bishan goes to meet his father, Joba asks Param to call the police.

Bishan's father is coming soon. The story takes a new adjustment, as Joba falls unconscious the moment he notices it. This surprises everyone.

They take her to her room while Anu examines her. Joba begins to receive flashes from the past, where she can faintly see Bishan's father. Joba wakes up and feels uncomfortable.

Joba also recalls Palak was talking about Bishan who went to the back side of their house.