Trinayani: Detective Nayan's plan works

The creators of Trinayani are trying to give viewers an essence of suspense and suspense, turning into a tough bahu Nayan in a detective .

Nayan’s plan works as Madhuri, who is determined to save herself, talks to Aniket and Aniruddha. She seeks their help and requests them to prove her innocence. Madhuri asks Aniruddha to allow Nayan to enter their house for further investigation and also talk to the high officials of police to let officer Tarun to work on the case. Such a request leaves Aniruddha shocked. He never had any faith in Nayan or her capability. However, looking at Madhuri’s panic-stricken state, Aniruddha agrees to do the same.

Aniruddha is miffed with Nilima. He thinks, she told police about Madhuri’s involvement in Suhasini Devi’s disappearance. When Nilima informs him about the diamond necklace, which Nayan saw in her vision, Aniruddha gets shocked.

At Basu residence, Nayan gets a gift from Dripta. He gives her a mobile phone.

Following Nayan’s plan, officer tarun He also gets official permission to solve the Suhasini Devi case.

Nayan, Dripta, Tarun reach Aniruddha’s place. Korok doesn’t like Nayan’s presence and he is quite vocal about the same. His behavior shocks Nilima.

Nayan seeks permission to visit Suhasini Devi’s room. As soon as she sits on Suhasini’s bed, she trats having yet another vision.