Trinayani: Aniruddha defends her family against Nayan

In the last episode of Trinayani , the protagonist Nayan tries to solve the case. Suhasini Devi's eldest son Aniruddha meets her, but does not reveal the true reason behind her arrival. He, rather, tries to dissuade Nayan from solving the case. When Dripta and Nayan asks Aniruddha to be threatening him in some way, he decides to explain the matter.

Meanwhile, Koli returns home and runs into Madhuri who asks her odd questions. Madhuri already knows that Koli went to meet Nayan. She thinks Madhuri went to meet Nayan to provoke her. Nilima comes and interrupts them. She learns from Koli that Aniruddha went to meet Nayan. It leaves her shocked since her husband was always suspicious about Nayan’s capabilities.

Aniruddha speaks on behalf of Madhuri and says she is innocent. According to Aniruddha, he is a complete family man, who took care of his brothers after his father passed away. Since Nayan is digging up the matter now and suspecting the involvement of his family members in the case, Aniruddha is afraid that his near and dear ones will be in problem. That's why he came today to meet Nayan and request her to leave the matter.

Nayan is in no mood to leave the case. She asks him about Suhasini Devi’s diamond necklace. Aniruddha says, he got some diamonds in a cheap price before Suhasini Devi went missing. The pouch carrying the diamonds went missing too. I didn’t report it since I didn’t purchase those in a straightway.

Nayan asks the price of the diamonds. Aniruddha says those are worth a few million rupees.

Jeet you come and says that Aniruddha came here to indirectly threaten her. Jeet suspects Aniruddha being the main culprit while Dripta doesn't support such a theory.

When Aniruddha returns home, Nilima asks why she went to meet Nayan. This leaves Aniruddha perplexed. As the couple discuss the matter, they notice that someone is watching them.