Trinayani: Nayan still has a vision about Moumita

Suspense, drama, romance and Nayan's supernatural power - all of these elements are making Trinayani's story quite interesting.

In the last episode of Trinayani, Nayan cries in the auction room while feeling helpless. She has another vision that indicates that Moumita's life is at high risk. In his vision, Nayan observes Moumita lying on the ground and the red stone a few meters from her. Dripta It comes when Nayan screams in surprise.

TO Suhasini In Devi's place, a man in black shoes overhears Aniruddha and Nilima's conversation. The couple notices the pair of shoes and tries to follow it when the man is in a hurry. To their surprise, they see Anilabha walking towards the main entrance. The latter denies eavesdropping.

Inspector Tarun comes and Nayan informs him that Moumita’s life is at risk. She requests Tarun to help her. Nayan requests Dripta to take her to Moumita’s place.

Meanwhile, family members split over the issue that Anilabha is the person who was standing outside Aniruddha's room. Although Aniruddha does not believe him, Koli states you saw Aniket too. It doesn't go well with Madhuri and she defends Aniket. Korak you come and says he has a similar shoe and shows the pair too. Anilabha thinks why Korak kept those shows inside his room rather than in the shoe rack. When Anilabha questions Korak about the same, he gets shocked.

Nayan meets Moumita's mother and discovers that she came to meet her last night. Moumita also gave her mother money. Nayan has another vision about Moumita.