Krishnakoli: Radha and Rukmini are back at the Chowdhury mansion

The presence of antagonists and their crooked plans make any daily soap interesting. Krishnakoli The makers seem to have decided to bring television to life with some extra tadka in its history. The conspiracies of Disha and her husband Ashok were making the song already interesting, now the story has two more bad guys: Radha and Rukmini.

In the latest episode, Amrapali, dressed as Shyama, faces some questions from reporters. Nikhil- Amrapali He does not know that some men, disguised as media representatives, are planted with Ashok. Nikhil helps Amrapali to face awkward questions at the press meeting. He goes out of his way to demonstrate that Shyama still alive.

Later, Nikhil also challenges to find out who tried to harm Shyama. This, in turn, irks Ashok, who is eager the prove that Amrapali is trying to fool them in the disguise of Shyama.

The drama goes further when Radha and Rukmini enter the Chowdhury mansion in a miserable condition, following a plan hatched by Ashok-Disha. Rukmini says that they had to face many difficulties during the confinement and the actions that he had to beg to earn a living.

Amrapali has no clue who they are. Rukmini sheds tears and apologises to all for her past deeds. Kind-hearted members of Chowdhury family allow the mother and daughter duo to live with them. Nikhil too agrees with his parents' decision regarding Rukmini-Radha . Rukmini's husband Aloke, however, has no faith in them.