Trinayani: Nayan finds a new clue; Moumita is looking for a witness

Nothing can beat the thrill of watching a detective story. A crime scene, a suspect or two, and drama as the mystery unfolds make the story interesting. Well, the drama cannot improve if there is a silent witness to the crime scene.

The last episode of Trinayani followed this format when Nayan begins to have a new vision while in Suhasini Devi's room. She observes that a lady was secretly present while the crime was committed. Nayan realizes that the witness is none other than Moumita, Suhasini Devi's nurse. In her vision, Nayan also notes that the gemstone from Suhasini Devi's pendant fell to the ground while being carried.

Nayan returns to his senses. She soon begins to ask all family members if any of them left the day of the incident. This particular question leaves most family members stumped. Anilabha's reaction forces Nayan to suspect him. Under immense pressure, Anilabha reveals that it came out for some personal reason the day they had an IT raid and Suhasini Devi also disappeared.

Soon, family members begin to point to each other. Nilima stands in support of Anilabha which doesn't go well with Aniruddha Korak and Aniket .

Meanwhile, Nayan talks about meeting Moumita, who is the only witness to the incident. Nayan talks about the probable suspects. Dripta also shares his opinion.

How Tarun , Dripta, Nayan arrive at Moumita's house, find out that she had left the house a long time ago and had moved to a new apartment.