Trinayani: Aniruddha Meets Nayan

The story of the supernatural drama Trinayani is taking an interesting turn as protagonist Nayan gets involved in a new case.

In the last episode, Nayan looks at the biker who recklessly passed her. Police officer Tarun I looked at the bike before too. Nayan wonders if someone doesn't want them to solve Suhasini Devi The case.

Nayan, Dripta and Tarun discuss about Moumita’s involvement in this case. Nayan says, someone was blackmailing Moumita, who silently saw everything while Suhasini Devi was taken outside of the house on the day of the incident.

Suddenly, the bike is observed by them once again and this time, Tarun notes down the number. I have informed the control roomtoo.

Later, Nayan talks about Moumita, who suddenly went missing. She says, Moumita seems to be a caring person and going by her nature, she shouldn't leave her ailing mom like this. Tarun also thinks that Moumita didn't run away.

In the meantime, Koli you come to meet Nayan at her place. Nayan and Dripta come back home and get surprised to see Koli.

The latter informs Nayan that her family members are having doubt on Anilabha. He might have gone outside the house at that night (the day on which Suhasini Devi went missing and there was an IT raid too) but that has nothing to do with the case. On repeated query, Koli reveals Anilabha went outside because of her. Koli was about to tell what was the reason, but right then her dad Aniruddha also visits Basu residence to meet Nayan.

Seeing Aniruddha at the door Koli gets nervous. Nayan handles the situation. Dripta attends Aniruddha while

Nayan helps Koli to go out. But Koli leaves her phone in the living room which suddenly starts ringing. Aniruddha gets curious since the ringtone is familiar to him.

Later, Aniruddha asks Nayan why he is getting involved in the case. Dripta gives you an adequate answer. During the discussion, Aniruddha suggests to Nayan to drop the case as there is nothing to discover. This leaves Nayan shocked.