Trinayani: Nayan meets the mother of the witness Moumita

In Trinayani Nayan seems to be dealing with something really serious. The more you try to solve Suhasini Devi, the more complex it becomes.

Inspector Tarun learns from Moumita’s former landlord that she left the house 3 years back, bought a flat and started a beauty parlor too. This makes Nayan curious. As she looks at the chronological order of Suhasini Devi suddenly going missing and nurse Moumita’s changed lifestyle, she gets confused. Nayan you decide to meet Moumita.

As three of them, leave for Moumita’s parlor, Tarun notices a bike rider passing them. The beauty parlor owned by Moumita is closed. Tarun finds out a girl who used to work in the parlor and learns that, Moumita promised to pay the salary to her employees and left the place.

Nayan smells a little conspiracy.

On the other hand, at Suhasini Devi’s place Zinnia her husband thinks Anilabha is hiding something. She also thinks he has committed some crime since he went out at night on which Suhasini Devi went missing. First Koli and then Nilima tries to handle the matter.

Nayan meets Moumita’s mom and learns she didn’t come home since the past few days. This leaves Nayan worried since she finds a connection between Moumita going missing and reopening of Suhasini Devi’s case. Nayan suddenly has a vision and notices a man blackmailing Moumita. I've offered her a huge amount to keep her mouth shut.

Nayan comes out of Moumita’s place and talks to Dripta and Tarun. The biker, whom Tarun had noticed earlier, is about to hit Nayan but she is saved. Tarun turns suspicious.

Koli, on the other hand, decides to speak to someone about her family matter.