Krishnakoli: Amrapali attends the press conference

Bengali television show Krishnakoli is dominating the PRT charts once again just after the emergency shutdown . The twists seem to have worked in favor of the show.

In the last episode, a huge uproar was created on the office premises during the meeting. Outsiders forcibly entered, wore no mask, and maintained no social distance. Nikhil demands an explanation of Shrabani , who should organize the meeting.

Ashok He comes and finds out the news and he is glad that it was his plan.

Later, Shrabani tells Ashok how police reprimanded Nikhil for arranging a meeting amid corona outbreak. Reporters were there and they saw everything.

Ashok had hired people to do this. He feels Nikhil will drop his plan to launch a new product and soon will agree to sell the factory since the reputation of the company will be at stake due to this incident.

As they are busy in the discussion, Nikhil comes. A determined Nikhil isn’t ready to change the plan, he wants to launch the product. Nikhil asks Ashok to attend the press conference.

Amrapali get ready and dress like Shyama . Nikhil asks her to strongly face the media.

The reporters ask odd questions to Amrapali. Ashok tells how he planted his men who, dressed as reporters, will grill Shyama to find out her real identity.