Ke Apon Ke By: Surya finally comes home

The story of Ke Apon Ke For now revolves around two tracks. The story he's been trying Koel The forced wedding to Bishan since the close is slowly turning to the protagonist Joba.

In the latest episode, Param complains to Bishan's father Pratap about his son's misdeeds. But Pratap seems to be proud of his son's actions.

Pratap asks Joba why he fell unconscious when he saw him. While Joba and Pratap are busy dealing with an old incident, psychopath Bishan appears to be unhappy not to see VIP treatment towards him and his father. He begins to threaten Joba.

In a repeated consultation, Pratap shares that he lives in the town of Bohuria. This leaves Joba in shock and she asks about a woman named Ratna. Joba further asks if Pratap is aware of an incident that took place 35 years ago. She adds Ratna He was lynched for allegedly stealing a baby even though she was innocent.

Palak, Mayuri, Lata have no idea why Joba is suddenly speaking about some old incident rather than dealing with Koel's issue. Bishan threatens to harm Surya if Joba calls the police. Joba seems to be unaffected by Bishan’s threats. She announces Ratna was her mom.

It leaves Pratap anxious. Seeing the situation, Bishan decides to leave the place along with his father Pratap. In a dramatic turn of events, Joba stops them and announces that Surya has been rescued. Soon, Surya enters the room, followed by the police.

Param's family members heave a sigh of relief seeing Surya alive. Koel turns emotional. Joba shares she had informed police long ago. She had a doubt why Bishan went to the backside of the house and she guessed Surya might have been kept there.