Krishnakoli: Nikhil Vows To Catch Perpetrators

In Bengali television series ‘ Krishnakoli ’Radha and Rukmini are back in the house along with their evil plans. Rukmini continues to shed tears in front of the other family members. Sujata feels bad for her but also mentions that Rukmini shouldn't repeat the same mistake.

Radha looks at Amrapali and thinks that she is Shyama . Rukmini tries to talk to Amrapali and tries to figure out whether she is Shyama. Following the plan, Amrapali pretends to have lost her memory.

Sujata asks Aloke to forget the past and start afresh. He, however, asks her not to trust Rukmini much.

Disha pretends to be concerned and talks about their safety once Shyama’s news comes out. Ashok says that Nikhil You shouldn't have informed the media about Shyama's return. Nikhil says he will save Shyama even if the enemies attack her. I vows to catch the perpetrators. It leaves Ashok and Disha irked.

Radha pretends to be innocent and speaks nicely with Shyama (Amrapali in disguise). Amrapali pretends to be Shyama to win Radha’s confidence. Amrapali somehow manages the situation. Crooked Radha tries to check her skin tone to be doubly sure that she is Shyama. Later, Sujata asks Amrapali to arrange the puja at home which leaves the latter worried.