Trinayani: Nayan Suspects Larger Conspiracy Behind Suhasini Devi's Disappearance

the Gourab Roy Chowdhury and Shruti Das Starrer continues to entertain the audience with his new story. Nayan , who has become a detective now, is doing his best to solve a case.

She pressurises Madhuri to talk to Aniruddha- Aniket and ask them to give a statement in support of her. She also asks Madhuri to help her ( Nayan ) in order to enter the house for further investigation.

Dripta has no faith in Madhuri or her family members, who earlier misbehaved with them. Nayan, however, thinks her trick will work since Madhuri is desperate to prove her innocence.

Nayan tells that Madhuri will help them to enter the house since it is the only way to continue the investigation. Nayan talks about her vision where she was under water and asks Tarun whether there is any pond near Suhasini Devi's house.

Koli and Zinnia He discovers that Madhuri lied to them about the party at the club. She went out for some other reason. Madhuri misbehaves with Nilima.

Later, Madhuri shares her desire to talk to Aniruddha but she isn’t ready to speak in front of Zinnia and Nilima. This irks Nilima.

Meanwhile, Nayan talks to Dripta about the case, income tax raid and Suhasini Devi’s disappearance. Nayan realises that there is a deeper conspiracy behind Suhasini Devi’s disappearance.

A frightened Madhuri requests Aniruddha to allow Nayan to enter the house. She also asks Aniruddha to speak with Tarun’s superior to let him work on the case. Aniruddha realises someone is pressurizing Madhuri.

Tarun reports Nayan about a pond near by Suhasini Devi’s place. Nayan gets a vision, where she observes blood. She also notices Suhasini Devi’s lifeless body lying inside a pond.