Ke Apon Ke By: Joba can't discover Surya

The creators of Ke Apon Ke Por They are introducing consecutive twists in the story to hook viewers to the TV screen. In the last episode, Param and Joba continue their quest to discover Surya .

They arrive at a place that appears to be similar to what they had seen in the video. Anu knocks on the door but no one answers. Joba decides to break the door, but Param asks her to reconsider the decision, as it could draw the attention of others.

On the other hand, Koel gets ready for 'Phulsajya', she cries profusely thinking about Surya. She prays to god that Surya can be rescued by her mom. Bishan On the other hand, he is excited about the arrangements for his Phulsajya.

Seeing no other option, Joba decides to forcefully enter the house. None is inside but seeing the articles scattered everywhere in the room, Joba and Param realize, it is the place where Surya was kept and the video was shot as well. Joba and Param desperately search for Surya but fail to locate him. Joba wonders where Surya might be. Param asks whether Bishan might have guessed their plan and took Surya elsewhere.

Mayuri and Tiya feel bad for Koel, who is in a bride’s attire. They request her to stay strong. Palak comes and asks them not to discuss this since Bishan might hear them.

Meanwhile, Joba thinks where Surya might be. She realises Surya might have been kept in a place which is easily reachable but none would suspect.