Sourav Ganguly resumes filming for 'Dadagiri Unlimited 8'

The non-fiction shots and reality shows finally got a green signal from the state government. After which, many non-fiction shows resumed filming, including the show hosted by Sourav Ganguly ‘ Dadagiri unlimited 8’.

His team members wished for Sourav, who recently celebrated his 48th birthday. The host himself was happy to get back into action. The show is slated to air new episodes this weekend. Following the new shooting rules in the middle of the closure, no audience is allowed and the total number of crew members will be 40 (which previously was 35). The Dadagiri team followed all the rules while shooting.

Ra de Sourav Dadagiri Unlimited Season 8’ is one of the most popular shows on Bengali television. It was a smash hit ever since its launch in 2009. Dada as a show host left the audience clean bowled with his charm and eloquence. Even after all these years, the show's popularity remains intact; thanks to Dada and the interesting format of the quiz show. Despite being aired on the weekends, ‘ Dadagiri unlimited ’ rakes in good TRPs giving a tough fight to all other daily soaps which run on the weekdays. Film actress Rachna Banerjee-hosted show ‘ Didi No. 1 ’He also resumed filming his show yesterday