Krishnakoli: Amrapali to be exposed?

Krishnakoli's latest song seems to be working in favor of the show. You are getting good results on the TRP charts once again.

In the last episode, Sujata question Amrapali (in the disguise of Shyama) to offer puja to Lord Krishna. The latter gets nervous and thinks about how she will be able to offer puja. Since she isn’t aware of the rituals, Sujata realises her apprehension and boosts her confidence. Seeing Sujata’s affection for Shyama , Amrapali gets emotional.

Later, Amrapali realises how she is changing from deep inside.

Nikhil comes and talks to Amrapali about the puja. He says, since Amrapali is already pretending to have lost her memory, none will have any doubt on her. Nikhil also talks about appointing security guards for Shyama in civil dress.

They discuss their next step. Nikhil says the police and media representatives will visit his place.

Nikhil observes Amrapali applying sindoor and remembers Shyama.

Ashok talks to his man who is keeping an eye on phone calls. I have reported Ashok that the calls at Amrapali’s home are being made from India and not outside. This leaves Ashok suspicious.

Later, he tells Disha about this. He also talks about some identity marks based on which they can prove whether the lady at their place is Shyama. Disha, who is expecting, tells Ashok that the delivery date is next week.

Meanwhile, Sujata arranges everything for the puja. Disha comes with the agenda to expose Amrapali . Sujata question Amrapali (in the disguise of Shyama ) to start the puja. Soon, Radha also joins them.