Rannabanna cooking show indulges in a fishy adventure, celebrates Jora Ilish Uthsab

A true blue Bangali knows how to satisfy your taste buds with exquisite seasonal delicacies. And the monsoon is not complete without the eternal love of Bangalis: Khichuri and Ilish mach bhaja . The presence of hilsa on the plate can weaken any Bangali mon instantly. To rekindle the appointment between Bangali and Hilsa, cooking show ‘ Rannabanna 'Starring Tanima Sen (as Thammi) and Raktim Samanta (as Gopal) as hosts, is celebrating ‘Jora Ilish Uthsab.

Rannabanna will air special episodes till July 18 where Thammi will treat her beloved grandson Gopal with lip-smacking recipes.

Thammi will not only prepare classic dishes like ‘Kumro patay ilish fry’ or ‘Tok jhaal ilish’ but also cook some continental recipes like- ‘Ilish in green sauce’ and ‘Baked ilish’. Thammi will also welcome special guests in her kitchen who will cook their favorite hilsa dishes.

Capturing the love of food, popular Chaiti Ghosal will also join Thammi and Gopal in the kitchen. She shares a good bond with experienced actress Tanima. In addition to displaying her culinary skills, Chaiti, who has been in this entertainment industry for a long time, will share some of her memories. After the Jamai Raja TV show, which starred Arjun Chakraborty and Shreema Bhattacharjee As a spool couple, Chaiti is busier with her movies.

‘Rannabanna’ also welcomes viewers to showcase their culinary skills in the show.