Ke Apon Ke By: Bishan is arrested

Family drama Ke Apon Ke Por leading actors Pallavi Sharma and Biswajit Ghosh In the lead roles, he has been entertaining the audience for the past 4 years. A praiseworthy performance by the artists and strong storytelling have helped the show keep its popularity intact all this time.

In the last episode, Job rebukes Bishan and says that he is psychologically wrong. Joba reveals that she knew Bishan kept Surya inside the storage room. Bishan is annoyed and tries to threaten Koel instead. This time Koel doesn’t get nervous since Surya has already been rescued.

Pratap realises things will go against him if he supports his son. I've decided to change the game plan seeing the police. Bishan tries to force Koel once again but Joba and Param take care of your daughter

Joba says Bishan will be punished for all his past deeds. Surya also slams Bishan and vows to punish him. Joba asks the police officer to arrest Bishan.

When Bishan is arrested, his father Pratap tries to gain Joba's trust by shedding tears. He speaks against his son. But Joba's family members know Pratap very well. When he intends to leave, Joba says that they will meet again. Pratap is nervous as he has some connection to Joba's past.

Later, the family members ask Joba how she found out Surya. Joba tells the story in details, how she guessed Surya must be kept at their home.

Later, the members also ask Joba about his connection to Pratap. She tells her mother that Ratna was lynched and that Pratap is connected to the incident.