Abhishek Bose gets nostalgic on sets when his debut show, Netaji, goes off the air

Television actor Abhishek Bose, who plays the lead role in the Netaji serial , You are feeling nostalgic today . The filming of this period drama reached a conclusive ending after being telecast for one and a half years. This was Abhishek's debut show and the actor was selected after several rounds of auditions. Playing Subhash Chandra Bose on screen was a dream come true for me. I am feeling very upset after shooting for the final episode today. I prepared a lot to play the role of Netaji. I read several books and also watched films made on the freedom fighter. I even did my own haircut and makeup to look like Netaji, ”said the actor.

The members of the cast and the entire unit had become like one big family for Abhishek. “The set of the serial feels like my second home and all my co-actors and unit members are my extended family. I am going to miss each one of them, ”I added. Abhishek also shared a nostalgic post on his social media account today about the shoot coming to an end.

Sharing his experience of shooting some of the final episodes in the new normal, Abhishek shared, “I was glad to be back on the sets after a long gap and it took me a week to get adjusted to the new normal. None of us were used to wearing masks for the whole day on the sets. Also, at every point, be it on or off the camera, we had to consciously maintain social distancing with each other. Shooting an emotional or a dramatic scenes used to be a tad difficult. During the lockdown, some of my colleagues from the industry shot from their homes on mobile phones but with Netaji, this wasn't possible, as a lot of time and effort went behind getting the look right, which wasn't easy to execute from home.