Krishnakoli: Ashok watches over the Amrapali family

In the Bengali television series, Krishnakoli , the story of the resemblance of Shyama Amrapali and the evil conspiracies around him make the story quite interesting.

In the last episode, Radha and Disha do their best to prove that the woman in their home is not Shyama. They try to provoke Sujata against her as well, which doesn't work at all.

Amrapali surprises everyone by offering bid perfectly. It is shown how Nikhil helped her earlier to learn everything about Krishna puja with the help of a video

Seeing no other option, Disha asks Shyama (Amrapali in disguise) to sing a keertan. Nikhil comes and tackles the situation citing that Shyama has lost her memory. Sujata too defends Shyama (Amrapali in disguise) and stops Radha to force her (Shyama) for everything.

Nikhil announces that the police and the media will come. Radha and Disha worry. Disha asks about the matter and Nikhil's response leaves her anxious. Radha also worries. Disha asks him to check if Shyama has the birthmark on his neck.

Disha is visibly upset as none of her plans are working. Ashok is going to Amrapali’s place to check whether his informer was right about their details. Before that, he learned everything from Disha about the puja and that Nikhil has contacted police once again.

Ashok peeps inside Amrapali’s home to know more about them. A man certainly notices him and inquires the matter.

Ashok lies to them and learns that Amrapali’s family left the place. But Monoroma , who is still inside, notices Ashok. Later, she calls up Amrapali and informs her.

Radha meets Amrapali but she has some agenda to fulfil. She wants to check whether she is Shyama or her look-alike.