Ke Apon Ke By: Joba tells Param about his past

The protagonist of Ke Apon Ke Por Joba is set to take the audience to a new journey. In the latest episode, Param and Joba ask Surya stay with the family.

Bishan, on the other hand, is in the lock-up. He fumes with anger as he recalls what Joba and Surya had told him.

Pratap arranges bail for his son. The moment Bishan comes out of the lock-up, he starts shouting at the police officer. Fearing some new trouble, Pratap asks him to keep quiet.

At home, Joba talks to Param and shares how Bishan’s dad is reminding her of some old memories. Joba tells that she used to stay with her dad before Amiya He rescued her. He doesn't remember much about his mother Ratna, but she was a good lady. She used to work at Matrisadan. Ratna used to talk to her father about the stolen babies from Matrisadan.

Meanwhile, Pratap talks to the lawyer who promises to save Bishan. Pratap asks Bishan to leave the place and stay with him but the latter wants to seek revenge.

Joba faintly recalls the day, her mom Ratna was lynched for allegedly stealing a baby. Ratna was holding a baby whom she wanted to protect, while some men were chasing her. Joba saw this and wanted to save her mom but her dad took her from the spot of the incident and kept in a safe place. Next day, Joba’s dad came back alone and told her that he couldn’t find Ratna. Later, Joba's family was told that Ratna has died though the police never asked her dad to identify Ratna's dead body. Joba feels there must have been something else. Joba and her dad left the village and went to a new place where she met Amiya.

Pratap, on the other hand, lures Bishan to stay with him in Bohurupia village.