Throwback Thursday: Raj Chakraborty loses his fitness routine with his wife Subhashree

director Raj Chakraborty , which is producing period drama ‘ Kopal Kundala , Terribly missing hitting the Gym with his wife and friend Subhashree . Sharing a few pictures from his previous Gym sessions prior to lockdown, Raj explained how much he is missing all the fun moments they used to have while working out. In the pictures, the ‘It couple’ of the industry can be seen practising yoga as well as some fun-moments in the Gym .

Here are the pictures:

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Raj and Subhashree ’s pictures have left their fans impressed. Meanwhile, the Gym s are still closed due to the rapid growth in COVID-19 cases.

Film actress and former judge of ‘ Ebar Jombe Moja ’, Subhashree has been quite particular about work out although the mom-to-be is enjoying some relaxation from strict diet now. She used to hit the Gym meticulously along with hubby Raj. The couple is expecting their first child. Raj is taking care of wifey Subhashree and leaving no stones unturned making her feel special.

Subhashree is enjoying all the attention from Raj and her family members. From indulging in a cheat diet and enjoying chocolates and midnight snacks to receiving gifts from Raj, the actress is enjoying every moment of her current phase. She keeps herself busy by watching movies and enjoying long adda sessions with her family members. Raj, in the other hand, is busy with his film projects and TV project ‘ Kopal Kundala ’.