Krishnakoli: Nikhil has a new plan

Bengali TV show ‘ Krishnakoli It has been dominating the TRP charts, thanks to its frequent twists in history.

In the last episode, Radha tries some tricks to see if the lady from the Chowdhury mansion is Shyama. Amrapali he is alerted when he realizes Radha's plan.

Bijli informs Amrapali (dressed as Shyama) to get ready since police personnel and media personal are coming. Radha gets surprised when she notices the birthmark on Amrapali’s neck just like Shyama. Soon, Radha leaves the room in a hurry.

Nikhil you come and talks to Amrapali. She tells him about Ashok keeping an eye for her family. Amrapali thinks Ashok is doing everything to protect Nikhil. The latter also thinks similarly.

Amrapali says Radha and Rukmini have been brought to their house by someone. Since they knew Shyama from her childhood it will be easier for them to identify her. She also tells that Radha came here to check on her. It is revealed Amrapali had made the mark on her neck following Nikhil's words.

Nikhil thinks who brought Radha and Rukmini here.

Ashok talks to Shrabani and he says he's going to burn down the factory

Nikhil asks Papiya bring Arun who is paralyzed as he addresses the media and discusses the Shyama matter with the police. This surprises everyone, especially Disha.

Nikhil talks to the media representatives and says those, who tried to kill Shyama, attacked Arun leaving him in this state. Disha starts feeling more uncomfortable as Nikhil talks in details about the incident.