The Center requests that 50 percent of its junior staff attend the office

NEW DELHI: The Center asked Monday that 50 percent of its below-grade minor employees join the job, according to an official statement.

Due to the blockage caused by the coronavirus, only 33% of such employees have so far attended the office.

To regulate attendance of officers and staff below the undersecretary level, all heads of the roster should prepare a roster to ensure that 50 percent of officers and staff attend the office every other day, he said. .

Officials who are not required to attend the office on a particular day, must work from home and must be available by phone and electronic means of communication at all times, according to communiqu├ęs issued to all central government departments by the ministry. of personal.

All officers at the undersecretary level and above should attend the office every business day, he said.

All department heads have been asked to ensure that 50 percent of officers and staff attending the office observe staggered times, the personnel ministry said.